In World War I, the majority of combat fatalities were caused by artillery using the accuracy and destructive power of cannons and rifles.

Cannons were first invented in China and were among the earliest forms of gunpowder artillery. A cannon uses gunpowder to launch a projectile.

Let us build a cannon which shoots by pushing air!!


Air can push things
How does a cannon work?


Material Needed

1) 2.5ml syringes - 2 nos

2) 10ml syringe - 1 no

3) Thick straw - 1 no

4) Transparent pipe - 1 no

5) Rubber base with slots - 1 no

Steps To Make

Remove the pieces from the main base

Back view

Remove plunger from one 2.5ml syringe

Front view

Insert the second 2.5ml syringe as shown

Connect the transparent pipe

Insert the 10ml syringe as shown and connect the other end of the pipe

Push plunger of 10ml syringe

Adjust the angle and push the 10ml syringe to shoot

Real Life Applications

A cannon is any piece of artillery that uses gunpowder or other usually explosive-based propellants to launch a projectile.

What’s happening?

The air inside the syringe gets compressed first and then gets suddenly released to shoot the plunger.